Hi, this is Santoryou, as you may know by now one of my hobbies is watching Asian Drama especially Historical and Romance Dramas.

I started watching Japanese dramas back in 2013 when I was getting bored of watching Japanese anime and in late 2014 I watched my first Korean drama that would be my start to watching 1000+ Drmas from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand.

While watching all this drama I was still Working on Learning Two languages Japanese and South Korean, This is still something I am working on, all tho I do mostly understand Japanese from my time watching Anime.

Now let us move on to 2018 I had always wanted to share or start blogging about Asian Drama and in November I Started Working on my current blog. Hopefully this year 2019-2020 I will keep improving my skills in reviewing and improving the website, and maybe, later on, I will start a blog about Japanese Animation and Soccer(Football EU)

For more info about my previous Anime addiction go to https://myanimelist.net/profile/Santoryouu

If you have any tips for me or suggestions for what I can do on this blog just contact  on:

Email: zyphex84@gmail.com

Or Message me on: https://mydramalist.com/profile/Santouryouu