Liem Petch Karat (2007) is a Lakorn about a girl named Karat(Jamikorn Khemanit) who lives with her dad but one day her father dies, and she loses all her fortune to her dads business partner who scammed her father. 

Because of this she goes to live with her best friend and starts working for Chai(Yavapolkul Tawin) company who works as an undercover messenger, they meet up and help each other overcome each other’s problems.

Overall I enjoyed this Lakorn a lot the story had its good moments but was a bit lacking at times, other than that I loved the romance story between the two leads Karat(Jamikorn Khemanit) and Chai(Yavapolkul Tawin). 

One thing I did not like was how the male lead lied until the last moment to the female lead about who he was.  

Rest of cast members did an overall fantastic job too.

I would recommend you watch this Lakorn if you like Comedy/Romance with an okay storyline.


8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)


7.5 out of 10 stars (7.5 / 10)


8.5 out of 10 stars (8.5 / 10)


6.5 out of 10 stars (6.5 / 10)

Rewatch Value:

3.5 out of 10 stars (3.5 / 10)
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