Episode 3 starts with Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) finding out that his Secretary Gwon(Yoo Sun) has chosen Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) as a perfect new employee to his cleaning company. This was something Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) was not too convinced about this from knowing Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) personally.  

And after some time talking to Secretary Gwon(Yoo Sun) he goes out of his office to great his new employees, where he almost gets run over by one of his cleaning equipment, that Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) was not operating correctly. After some awkward moments, Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang)  starts with his powerpoint explanation of what you need to do to become one of his company cleaning ferries, and how there job training will be.

Later that same day Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) and her best friend Min Joo Yeon(Do Hee) are out and eating chicken feet together, they start talking about her new job at the cleaning company.  She then explains to Min Joo Yeon(Do Hee) that Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) is the CEO of the cleaning company and that he is acting weird and is mentally obsessed with cleanness. Her friend Min Joo Yeon(Do Hee) is having none of it and thinks that  Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) is to harsh with her new boss and thinks she is the weird and nasty one out of the two.

The next day Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) faces reality again while she was having breakfast with her father Gil Gong Tae(Kim Won Hae) and brother Gil Oh Dol(Lee Do Hyun). They think she has gotten a typical office job, but in fact, she is working at a cleaning company, something her father believes is an awful job from his own experience in the field.

On Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) first day at her new job, they get assigned a cleaning job at an office. Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) and her brother best friend Jeon Yeong Shik(Kim Min Kyuthey are assigned to clean the toilets. Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) ends up having to do all cleaning alone because Jeon Yeong Shik(Kim Min Kyu) can’t manage to do the job properly, so she ends up doing the whole thing herself.

Later on, when Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) finishes up cleaning the toilets, she is tired from all the hard work, and while walking past the office rooms Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) starts daydreaming that she is the one talking in the office rooms with her colleagues in a regular office job.  Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) stops dreaming fast because an “older lady” in her 30s tells her to move aside and at the same time calls her ajumma (something you would call an older married woman).

The lady then walked past her but ends up falling down spilling coffee on the floor and herself, the lady calls her ajumma again and askes her to clean up all the mess. While taking verbals abuse from the lady and her manager passing by, 

luckily while she was taking all verbal abuse from the lady, Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) her boss shows up calling the lady ajumma, he then ends up telling her that their contract with them in this area, is not included in their job description. He then told her that they wont be doing free service anymore and that she has to clean it up herself.

After this Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) is happy to get her revenge by giving the lady a rag and telling her to clean up herself and walks away. 

Sometime later after they have finished cleaning Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) runs a test to check if everything got cleaned correctly, and they pass the test ending Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) first day at work.

Later that night she ends up talking to her neighbor Choi Gun(Song Jae Rim) about her new work and also her worries about not finding a boyfriend. He then tells her there is a way to find her life partner if she uses this app, and whoever the compass app is pointing at in northeast, is her life partner.  The only problem is that he is trying to let her know that he means himself, she however, does not find this amusing at all.

The next morning Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) wakes up finding out that she is late for her job, with no time to spare she ends up going to her job without taking a shower and runs to try and make it to the buss in time.  She does not make it in time but sees here boss Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) driving past and she asks him to hitch a ride with him, 

The only problem tho is that with his illness mysophobia, he ends up driving past her and later on cleaning up his car from Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) touching it with her dirty hands and face.

At work, Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) calls her best friend Min Joo Yeon(Do Hee) and starts complaining about her boss Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) her best friend. However, her best friend thinks that she is going way overboard about her new boss And tells her that Lee Do Jin is trying to contact her again because he has just broken up with his girlfriend, but Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) wants nothing do with him anymore. After talking for a while, Min Joo Yeon(Do Hee) tells Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) that she is at her brother Gil Oh Dol(Lee Do Hyun) judo tournament and that she has to hang up the call. 

Later that night Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) holds a company dinner party at a restaurant, Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) finds a seat next to her boss Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang). There is only one problem Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) does not like Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) sitting next to him because he finds her dirty and tells her to move and sit somewhere else during the dinner party.  

Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) and the rest of the company employees are getting along well and drinking a lot of alcohol, right after the party Secretary Gwon receives a call and has to take care of some personal stuff at home.

This makes it, so the only two people left there is Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) who is too drunk to think straight and Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang)  who he finds out that everybody has left and he has to deal with Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) somehow alone.  While following Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) drunk and acting all weird, he wants to lave her there, but when two random guys go up to here thinking she is alone and drunk, he then decides to take her home in his car.

To drive Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) home, he has to put plastic over the car seat where she is sitting, so he does not get germs in his car. The only problem is that Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) is touching his car all over and almost ends up throwing up in his car, she almost makes Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang)  go crazy while driving home to her place.

Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) walks Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) to her home, but her former college senior that she had a crush on shows up trying to take her home, but Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) wants nothing to do with him anymore and tells him to stop and lave. But he keeps on harassing her, so Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) tells him to stop and that he is her boss, and he will take her home. 

Luckily for Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) brother and neighbor show up, and her former college senior ends up walking away. 

Before Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) gets to leave Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) takes her brothers meat and runs after Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang). And then as thanks for helping her, she gives him the meat in one of his pockets, this makes Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) go crazy again because of his mysophobia.

The next morning Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) wakes up having breakfast where her brother tells her what happened last night, knowing what had happened she wants to go up to Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) office and apologize to him.

On the other hand, Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) has been struggling with what happened all night and is stressed out and angry, but tells himself that he should forgive other peoples flaws.

That same day in Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) office his mother and boyfriend show up, he does not like her showing up and bothering him about his own company business, and he also holds a grudge against his mother for what happened in the past. He tells his mother not to come into his life now and act like a mother now when she did not show up when he needed her when he was a kid.

Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) ends up overhearing him and his mother arguing because Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) was going to his office to apologize for what happened the other day when she was drunk.

After this Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) receives a call from her former crush and senior asking to meet up for dinner, she ends up going to the dinner where she ends up rejecting him. But he then thinks her boss Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) is Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) new boyfriend, She then ends up playing along with the misunderstanding and tells him that yes her boss Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) is her new boyfriend.

The next day while working Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) college senior shows up and sees that she is working at a cleaning company. And he then starts talking down to her and telling her that there is no way a CEO would date her, he then suddenly thinks that she has told her boss to act as her boyfriend that day when they meet outside her house.

Luckily for Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) her boss  Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) shows up, and she starts calling him honey and goes and tries to hug him,  Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) is having none of it, as she tries to act he ends up pushing her away from him. 

Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) depurate to deceive her college senior ends up telling saying sorry to Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) and forcefully kisses him on the lips.


My toughest and opinions on episode two:  I think this episode was better than episode tree when it comes to romance and 

 The comedy in this drama keeps getting better for each episode I watch. Hoping the next few episodes can keep up this good pacing they have going on in the storyline.


I liked  episode 3, So my score for this one is:

9.5 out of 10 stars (9.5 / 10)