Episode 2 has us dive right into more of Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) background story, we learn about how she was an athlete competing when she was still in school, and she was winning gold medals and making her father Gil Gong Tae(Kim Won Hae) proud of her. 


While dreaming about the past, she wakes up from Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) showing up in her dream, and we get back to the harsh real world where she has to find a job and pay back Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) the money she owns him.  After waking up, she soon finds out that the underwear she had given to Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) by accident yesterday. Was not her fancy underwear but her brother Gil Oh Dol(Lee Do Hyun), this makes Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) go into fury mode because her brother has taken the more expansive underwear and is using it.

Now we go back to our male lead Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) and him at his cleaning company looking to see if everything is perfectly cleaned in the office/workplace. But when finding out that there is a single her left on one of the sofas he orders everything to be re-cleaned, because our male lead still struggling with his mysophobia.

After this the two main leads meet up, Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) gives back the gift underwear which was Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) brother, Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) then starts talking about how wired her taste is and also about the money she owes him.  He threatens her with filing a lawsuit if she can not pay the amount soon. 

Now just after the meeting, Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) gets a mail confirming that she has passed the initial screening for one of the jobs she has applied to, this makes her start talking back to Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) and that he should not look to other peoples business. 

Later that day her father and her friend Min Joo Yeon(Do Hee) throws her a party celebrating the fact that she passed the initial screening test.  However, the next day when going to the job interview she soon finds out that with her qualities she stands no chance of being accepted and fails her job interview.

It does not take long however before Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) lowers her standers on jobs and starts going to a bunch of shabby job interviews, she soon finds out however that it’s not easy finding an acceptable full-time job.

later during the day her brother Gil Oh Dol(Lee Do Hyun) and his friend starts a fight with two of  Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) cleaning company employees because of a girl they end up at the police station, where they later find out that one of the employes has a past criminal record.    

Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) learns about this incident and wants to fire the two employees because of this. Also, Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) is not happy with her brother and his friend getting into trouble because this adds to her struggles that she already has. 

However what she does not know is that her father Gil Gong Tae(Kim Won Hae) also has his struggles and just got fired from his job for no reason at all. 

Now we go back to our main lead Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) and follow his struggles with his mother Cha Mae Hwa(Kim Hye Eun) and grandfather CEO Cha(Ahn Suk Hwan). Ever since he was a small kid, he had always had a hard time dealing with his mother because she was not there for him when he needed her the most.

We also learn that he was much closer to his nanny when he was smaller because of his mother not being there, the nanny has died recently however and his robot vacuum cleaner has the same name as his nanny.

We also get to know the reason behind his mysophobia, and that is because of his grandfather CEO Cha(Ahn Suk Hwan) who used to be very angry and always told Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) as a kid to always act perfect and to never look shabby. He was also told to never play in the dirt as other kids did his age, and if he did not do as his grandfather told him to, he would be abused and disciplined hard.

Later that night he goes outside for a drive and finds Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) sitting down drinking drunk and complaining about her past, and how she keeps on failing full-time job interviews. She also keeps talking to him because she also sees him also in pain, when its time for her to go back home he gives her a pair of slippers so that she does not have to go home barefoot.

Next day when waking up she asked her neighbor the pair of slippers is his, but he says that he did not give it to her, Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) then starts to remember her being drunk and spilling all her secrets to  Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) last night.    

However, life continues, and Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) ends up forgiving his employees and let them keep their job to be different than his grandfather.  Also, our female lead Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) continues to work part-time jobs all day to pay back the money she owes.  She later that day also learn about her father losing his job, this makes her look up more fulltime jobs.

The next day she goes to do a fitness test for the cleaning company that Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) owns, where she meets her brother best friend also taking the test to get his revenge on the employes that he got into a fight with the other day.  While taking the test, she uses her background as and runner to her advantage and passes the test with flying colors.

Next day when going to her new workplace she then finds out that the company she is going to work for Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) is the CEO and owner of the company. 

 episode 2 ends, and we start looking to what can happen in episode 3-4.  

My toughest and opinions on episode 2:  This episode was a more serious then episode 1 was, but we still had the hilarious comedy aspect of it too.  I liked how we got to know and learn much more about our two main leads of the story Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) and Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung). 

Hoping we soon get to see some romance development between the two leads in the next few episodes as well.

this episode was not as funny as the last one but the story and development of the two main leads was much better, I am giving this and solid 

                                                                                   9.5 out of 10 stars (9.5 / 10)