Episode 1 Starts with us getting to know Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) we learn about his mysophobia (fear of germs), he also owns his own cleaning company.  Because of this it hard for him to have any reasonable relationship with other people in general.

Now on to our heroine of the story Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) she has here own life problems such as repaying student lown, she does this by working part time jobs.  What stands out about Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) is that she does not care about cleanliness somthing Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) hates.  

While walking home from work one night Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) ends up finding a robot vacuum cleaner, that she thinks is thrown away by someone random. But it ends up belonging to Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) who loses it when talking to his mother about walking away from his blind date, and his mother forgets to close the door, this is when the robot gets out into the street near the garbage.

Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) looks at a near CCTV footage for his robot vacuum cleaner, where he sees a woman picking it up.  Later on, he puts a poster with a reward to whoever finds his robot vacuum cleaner.  Jeon Yeong Shik(Kim Min Kyu) finds out about the poster and calls up Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) to get his reward and plans a meeting downtown.


Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) also has a secret crush on her college senior(sunbae) Do Jin(Kwak Shi Yang), this is also how she gets into trouble while working part-time picking up trash in the city. She then ends up bumping into Do Jin(Kwak Shi Yang) and to hide the fact that it’s her she ends up putting on a random horse mask and runs away from him at full speed downtown.

When that happens she crashes into the car of Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang), and all the garbage ends up on his car, he then ends up removing Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) hose mask revealing to everyone and Do Jin(Kwak Shi Yang) that it is her under the horse mask.

Because of this incident, she ends up becoming a massive hit on youtube for all the wrong reasons, Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) also grows closer to Do Jin(Kwak Shi Yang),. The idea he has is to use her to film a commercial because she has become somewhat famous from an incident where she is eating a restaurant and gets shot not knowing.  After finding out about Do Jin(Kwak Shi Yang) using her she ends up leaving and crying, but she also bumps into Gil Oh Sol(Kim Yoo Jung) and returns the robot vacuum cleaner to him.

What she does not know is that the gift she was supposed to give Do Jin(Kwak Shi Yang) is also in the bag with the robot vacuum cleaner in it. Will  Jang Sun Gyeol(Yoon Gyun Sang) misunderstand her after giving him the underpants?

Now onto episode 2, I have no idea how this will go, but the drama had a hilarious start to it, hoping that continues in the next episodes.

I am Giving this episode a

                                                                                10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)