The Beauty Inside

The beauty inside you is a romantic comedy with a mix of melodrama it also had a beautiful story and meaning behind it all. I must admit I did cry a few time during this show, but I was even laughing and smiling during it just as much.

The main storyline between Han Se Gye(Seo Hyun Jin) and Seo Do Jae(Lee Min Ki) was so sweet and funny. You also had your cute and funny side storyline with Ryu Eun Ho(Ahn Jae Hyun) and Kang Sa Ra(Lee Da Hee) which I loved throughout the drama

I would defiantly recommend watching this.

Overall:            9.5

Story:                 9.0

Acting/Cast:   10

Music:                10

Rewatch:          6.0

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes has this dark theme to it yet you get a beautiful story between the two main characters that have this mysteries bond between each other.  This drama had its ups and downs for sure, but it kept me interested all the way until the end.

As always Seo In Guk and Jung So Min did a fantastic job as main leads.

I would recommend this for people who like an intense storyline with a beautiful love story mixed in with it.

Overall:            9.0

Story:                 8.5

Acting/Cast:   10

Music:                5.0

Rewatch:          5.0

Terius Behind Me

Terius Behind Me had some of the best comedy in it, but it also had its heartwarming moments between  Terius(So Ji Sub) and the kids of Go Ae Rin(Jung In Sun) mixed in with a little bit of romance too.  I would also like to say there where so many good side characters in this show, trust me you will laugh a lot during this drama thanks to these actors as supporting roles  Kim Yeo Jin,  Jung Shi Ah and let’s not forget the master of Korean comedy roles, Kang Ki Young.

This one is not hard to recommend because I think anyone would enjoy this drama to some degree!

Overall:            9.0

Story:                 8.0

Acting/Cast:   10

Music:                7.0

Rewatch:          7.0

I’m a Mother, Too

I’m a Mother, Too is an okay daily drama that touches on a few topics about what it means to be a Mother, and our main lead Yoon Ji Young(Lee In Hye) did a fantastic job of portraying this throughout the show.  This drama had its good points and also its bad ones for sure, this drama had a slow build ut, but watching the ending of this show made it all worth it in my opinion.

I  also think the main cast did an okay job there where some things I dd not like for sure, but that’s just how typical daily dramas work, it has its highs but also its down periods.

I would recommend this as a filler drama you could watch in between other shows you are watching!

Overall:            7.0

Story:                6.5

Acting/Cast:   7.5

Music:                6.5

The Ghost Detective

The Ghost Detective was one of the better detective/mystery dramas that I have watched, our two main lead Lee Da Il(Choi Daniel) and Jung Yeo Wool(Park Eun Bin) both worked together to solve mysteries together.  I would also like to high light what a fantastic job Seon Woo Hye(Lee Ji Ah ) as the villain in this drama.

This drama has a little of everything in it a thriller, horror, mystery, supernatural and even a little bit of romance in it.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes dramas that are intense and keeps you on your toes until the very end.

Also hoping they can make a season 2 would be cool to see  Lee Da Il(Choi Daniel) and Jung Yeo Wool(Park Eun Bin) working to solve more mysteries!

Overall:            8.5

Story:                 8.0

Acting/Cast:   9.0

Music:                7.0

Rewatch:         5.5

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek has to be the most dramatic drama I have watched so far this year. The storyline was nothing too special, but it had its good points for sure, but what made this drama great was Min Chae Rin(Lee Yoo Ri) she did a fantastic job of playing a badass female with a mix of craziness, other Cast did a solid job as well.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a drama with an intense storyline plus some fantastic acting from Lee Yoo Ri

Overall:            8.0

Story:                 7.0

Acting/Cast:   9.5

Music:                7.5

Rewatch:        4.5

Where Stars Land

Where Stars Land was one of the dramas that I was hoping would live up to the expectations I had for it, what I did like about show were the main leads Han Yeo Reum(Chae Soo Bin) and Lee Soo Yeon(Lee Je Hoon) storyline. The only problem is that they left so many things out about the storyline.

Now I am hoping they do a second season too clear up a few plot holes left out, even so, I would recommend you watch this, it still had its feel-good moments between Han Yeo Reum(Chae Soo Bin) and Lee Soo Yeon(Lee Je Hoon).

Overall:            8.0

Story:                 7.0

Acting/Cast:   9.5

Music:                10

Rewatch:         1.5