The Beauty Inside (2018)


The story starts with us getting to know our main heroine Han Se Gye played by Seo Hyun Jin she is one of the top actresses in Korea.  She is also known for being in the limelight of scandals and always making trouble and behaving mysteriously. But what everyone does not know is that there is a big secret she is hiding which is the reason for her acting like this, and the reason is that she has a condition that makes her change into a new body one week each month.

Now onto our main male lead Seo Do Jae played by Lee Min Ki he works as an executive at a well-known airline in Korea, and he appears to be a perfect man in the eyes of others plus he gives off a cold vibe as well. What others don’t know is that he is also hiding a big secret from others, and that is that he can’t remember or see peoples faces including his own, he makes up for this by looking at peoples personalities or habits and other details of he the human body.

The season for doing this is to hide and cover up his condition from others.  Our heroine and the male lead start of hostile and arrogant with each other but slowly start to learn to love and get to know each other better. 

How I felt about the drama

The first few episodes of this kdrama have this ordinary romcom feeling to it, between a cold and weird chaebol of an airline company and our typical snazzy arrogant female lead who is a top actress.  But after a few more episodes the plot picked up fast, and we got to know the two characters more.

The story between the main couple was beautiful a sad one; the female lead had her struggles because of her condition where she changes into a different body one week each month.  And Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki) who has to hide his condition that makes it so he can remember or see peoples faces, this made for a beautiful love story between two people who look to each other for comfort and love.

This drama is also has a hidden meaning behind it all, and Han Se Gye(Seo Hyun Jin)and Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki) helps us understand and learn about this, and that is to love people not just for their outer beauty but to instead love the inner beauty of a person.  I had a rollercoaster of emotions from start to the end of this drama; this drama will make you cry but also smile and laugh all at ones.

But at the end hopefully, you will sit with the feeling that this drama had a beautiful and hidden message behind it! (to not just look at a person’s outer beauty but instead focus on a person’s inner beauty) you could also say The Beauty Inside.

My favorite Side story

There were also some great side stories/plot, the one I liked best was the story between our second leads love story about the second male lead Ryu Eun Ho played by Ahe Jea Hyun and second female lead Kang Sa Ra played by Lee Da Hee.

The story tells us about Ryu Eun Ho who is friends with Han Se Gye and Yoo Woo Mi(Moon Ji In) he looks cute and knows about this and uses this when he is work hard at part-time jobs; there is only one thing tho he wants to become a priest. And our second female lead Kang Sa Rais, the stepsister of Seo Do Jae she always works hard so that she can beat her stepbrother at work, and Kang Sa Ra is willing to do anything to get what she wants.

They meet each other while Ryu Eun Ho is working for Han Se Gye she tells him to get close to Kangra Ra so that she can know what evil schemes Seo Do Jae stepsister is planning on doing next. Later Ryu Eun Ho ends up working as a cleaner at Kang Sa Ra house.  They slowly start to understand and love each other; this complicates things for Ryu Eun Ho because he was supposed to become a priest.

What I liked about this side story was that it was a cute and funny romance story that slowly built up as show vent on, it did give this drama an extra flower on top of the main storyline that worked well together.

How actors did

The main heroine of the story Seo Hyun Jin who played Han Se Gye she did an outstanding job portraying her character in this drama; this is no surprise to me because when looking back at some of her other projects as the main lead.

To name a few Let’s Eat 2, Another Miss Oh, RomanticDoctor, Teacher Kim and Temperature of Love as I can’t forget here roles in Another Miss Oh and Temperature of Love she did an outstanding job in those roles!

Male lead LeeMin Ki who played Seo Do Jae he also did a great job of portraying his character by giving of this cold yet warm feeling about his role.  Then again this is also not that surprising because he has lots of experience playing many different kinds of drams including one of my favorites from 2017 Because This is My First Life where he also played a similar role to this one!

Second female lead played by Lee DaHee she played Kang Sa Ra I liked her character in this.  Here side storyline was my favorite in this show!

Second male lead played by Ahn Jae Hyun he played Ryu Eun Ho he also has a cute and funny side story to follow throughout the drama!

Moon Ji In who played Moon Ji In as Yoo Woo Mi she did an excellent job of being the best friend who always is there for you in hard and good times!

Honorable mentions

Kim Hee Jung, she played as Han Sook Hee also Han Se Gye’s mother I loved her role in this drama

Moon Woo Jin who played a mine role in the episode (Ep.8-9) as Han Se Gye body switch

Kingman was the dog of Han Se Gye. I liked how cute and funny they made him in this drama!

Overall:           9.5

Story:                9.0

Acting/Cast:   10

Music:               10

Rewatch:         6.0